Fatma Bucak
(born 1982)
/ Francesca Cirilli
(born 1982)


Fatma Bucak
Studies: ied (Istituto Europeo di Design), Turyn

2007 – diploma at Graphics Department, Academy
of Fine Arts in Turin, tutor: professor Franco

Solo shows:
2005 – „Manual orange”
– video installation, Amantes Gallery, Turin.

lGroup shows:
2007 – „Paratissima VI”, former prisons „Le Nuove”, Turin.

Photographic projects „To believe in silence” and „Naked rough”.

2006 – 1st prize in photographic contest organized by ied (Istituto Europeo di Design).

Honorary mention in photographic campaign for ssogefi s.p.a.

2005 – 1st prize in
National Contest “I start to three” for installation “Manual orange”

Francesca Cirilli
Studies: since 2007 – ied (Istituto Europeo del Design) in Turin, specialization: photography.

2003-2006 – Literature and Philosophy Department at Pisa University, diploma in contemporary history.

Solo shows:
2006 – „On the street”, a.p.s. „Il Bersaglio”, Caldine, Florens.

lGroup shows:
2007 – „I exhibit”, Azimuth
Space, Turin.

„Paratissima III”, former prisons „Le Nuove”, Turin.

2006 – „landxcapes – places of absurd”, Capezzano Pianore.

2004 – „Pisa: poetry
and picture” – photography review, La Spina Art Gallery, Pisa

Włoski Instytut Kultury
ul. Marszałkowska 72
Giulio Molisani

opening party:
Wednesday, 14 May, 5 p.m. (through 26 May) and movie show: Michelangelo Antonioni ‘Blow up’

Fatma Bucak / Francesca Cirilli
Fatma Bucak / Francesca Cirilli