Foto Walki

Post-competition show

The ‘Foto Walki’ is a unique event intended for the wide audience of photography
lovers who are also interested in fighting systems. Over 300 000 active practitioners of fighting sports and systems in Poland testify
to the great interest in the disciplines. Judo, wrestling, karate, Aikido, kung fu, boxing, kick-boxing, krav maga and over fifty other varieties of fighting arts make up a magnificent, colourful world, the beauty and variety of which have been highlighted by a photography competition. The competitors and participants of training sessions differ in their clothing, appearance and specific movements. Some disciplines, for instance
kung fu, which is patterned on animal behaviour, imitate nature; some others, like karate, are characterized by simplicity; others still teach one how to defeat the aggressor with resort to accessible objects. The disciplines were born in different corners of the world, China, Vietnam, Japan, Turkey, Brazil. To define their worlds, there are fighters, fighting and physical effort, but also cultural variety. And there are the stars: Przemek Saleta (kick-boxing), Paweł Nastula (judo), Tomasz Adamek (boxing) and Andrzej Gołota (boxing). They have many imitators. Immense effort, exhaustion, defeat, victory, success, enormous sacrifice, as well as
honour, courage and determination – all these values have been illustrated by the competition and all feature at the ‘Foto Walki’ show.

The exhibition brings photographs by the prize-winners, Adam Woropiński (1st prize), Andrzej Salek (2nd prize), and Anna Klonowska (3rd prize). Also highlighted are citation winners. These include Piotr Decha, Aleksandra Koper, Andrzej Piasecki, Michał Marszowski, Beata Bajno, Dawid Parus, Dawid Ściora, Jarosław Wolny, Joanna Jarząbek, Julia Malinowska, Kamil Pleśniewski, Katarzyna Pogodzińska, Krzysztof Remlinger, Leszek Uchniewski, Marek Morasiewicz, Marek Podolczyński, Michał Malikowski, Monika Mamoń, Kasper Palutko, Paweł Warszyński, Robert Wiącek, Tomasz Wyrwas. The jury was composed of Stanisław Szabłowski (photographer, photography director), Leonard Karpiłowski (photographer,
photography instructor), Piotr Szymanowski (Editor-in-chief of Sport dla wszystkich monthly), Agnieszka Markowska (Radio dla Ciebie [Radio for You] station), and Grzegorz Sakowicz (organizer).

Galeria w Fabryce Trzciny
Fabryka Trzciny
ul. Otwocka 14
czynna pn.-pt. 10–17
and by telephone appointment
601 868 148

opening party:
Monday, 19 May 7 p.m.

Foto Walki
Foto Walki