Gliwickie Środowisko Fotograficzne: Kazimiera Dyakowska, Aleksander
Górski, Piotr Janik, Jerzy Lewczyński, Tadeusz Maciejko, Stanisław Purtak,
Zofia Rydet, Tadeusz Rydet, Adam Sheybal, Henryk Urbaniec

The photographic community of Gliwice was shaped in the early 1950s. Its artistic and academic potential depended on a group of people with different backgrounds, education and views, embracing – alongside artists acknowledged before World War II – also young amateur photographers. The composition of the group was the outcome of post-war migration (the displacement of the vernacular German population plus influx of Poles from Poland’s former Eastern Borderland and Central Poland), the beginning of the new administration, Upper Silesia’s industrial development and intensifying political changes (especially progression
of Stalinism). In these peculiar circumstances, in 1951 Gliwice saw the emergence of the Photographic Society, to which those concerned owed an atmosphere and circumstances conducive to many-sided creative activities free of ideological pressures. The Society offered its members opportunities for deepening their technical expertise and an extended horizon
of artistic undertakings. Initially the predominant attitudes depended on representatives of the
pre-war intelligentsia of Lwów [now L’viv, Ukraine], which had shaped in circles combining ideas of pictorialism with experimentation and technical mastery. The representatives of this trend included Adam Sheybal (brother of the well-known photographer Stanisław Sheybal), Tadeusz Maciejko (student of the outstanding pre-war professor and artist Jan Neuman), Bertold Frey (former student of Bruno Schulz) and Piotr Janik (co-worker of the Zakopane master Henryk Schabenbeck). Thanks to their energy and social engagement, which sustained the creative atmosphere, a number of interesting amateur photographers and remarkable talents like Zofia Rydet, Jerzy Lewczyński and Zdzisław Beksiński could make their appearance over a span of several years. In Polish photography at that time, the community of Gliwice photographers was a peculiar phenomenon, acting as an inspiration to many Polish artists and
groups in other regions.

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Gliwickie Środowisko Fotograficzne
Gliwickie Środowisko Fotograficzne