Przemysław Karwowski
(born 1957)

Silence and turmoil

Education: graduated from the Institute of
Artistic Education at umcs in Lublin, workshop of professor Ryszard Winiarski (diploma in 1984); co-founder of Kont gallery in Lublin.

He uses painting, stage design and photography. He is the autor of 31 stage design in 10 puppet theatres; repeated laureate of awards and recognitions in annual contest of artistic groups in Lomza area.

Solo shows (selection):
2007-‘Czas’ [‘Time’], Pod
Arkadami Gallery, Lomza.
2005-Art Gallery in Pulawy; 2004-[painting]², Borawski, Karwowski,Lufcik Gallery, Warsaw, ‘Burz-buduj’ [‘Destroy-Build’], Pod Arkadami Gallery, Lomza; 2002-Stage design, Modern Art Gallery, Lomza; 2001-‘Sąsiadom’ [‘For neighbors’] installation, Bonar Gallery, Lomza;
2000-Borawski, Karwowski, Marszand Gallery, Bialystok; 1998-‘Blekit’ [‘Blue’], ModernArt Gallery, Lomza; 1997-Modern Art Gallery ROKiS, Suwalki; 1996-Bonar Gallery, MDKDŚT, Lomza; 1994-University Culture Center, Lublin; 1993-BWA, Lomza; 1992-La Crecelle Gallery, Le Puy, France; 1990-‘Przeciw cyklom’ [‘Against the cycles’], BWA, Lomza; 1988-BWA, Bialystok; 1986-Pod Arkadami Gallery, Lomza; 1985-BWA, Lomza.

Photography exhibitions:
2001 ‘Kamień’ [‘Stone’], Bonar Gallery,
Lomza; 1999-‘Gotyk’ [‘Gothic’] , Polnocno-
Mazowieckie Museum, Lomza; 1998-‘Testament łomżyński’ [‘Lomza will’], Pod Arkadami Gallery, Lomza. Six group shows with photographic groups from Lomza area.

Galeria Delfiny
ul. J. Smulikowskiego 10 lok. 2
00-389 Warszawa
fax 022 / 826 43 45
tel. 022 / 826 94 05
czynna: pn-so. 16 - 20

gallery curators:
Delfina Krasicka, Anna Trochim

opening party:
Tuesday, 20 May 6 p.m. (through 31.05)

Przemysław Karwowski
Przemysław Karwowski