Open Programme under the Warsaw Festival of Art Photography

Under the Warsaw Festival of Art Photography 2015, organized will be Open Programme, an open competition addressed to visual artists from all over the world.

Its purpose is to identify the most interesting photographic or multimedia projects with the use of photography and/or video that will be presented in Warsaw galleries between May and June 2015 during the Warsaw Festival of Art Photography 2015.

The theme of the 8th edition of WFFA 2015 is "COMMON SPACE" - widely understood common space for the exchange of artistic experiences, dialogue, tolerance and openness to new experiences of fairly distant tradition and culture.

To participate in the Open Programme we encourage new media and visual artists of all generations, photographers and also students of art universities from Poland and all over the world.

Open Programme winners

- Damian Chrobak - "Everywhere I look, I'm being looked at"

- Paweł Czarnecki - "A Room with a View"

- Edyta Dufaj - "About the Landscape"

- Sylwia Krędzel - "Gravity Forest"

- Tomasz Lewandowski - "Cité idéale"

- Maciej Urlich - "This is Me"